Lodh Tree

Lodh Tree - Benefits of Natural Healing Herb

Lodh Tree used from very ancient times, Lodhra is one of the most well-known remedies for diseases of women. It is astringent and cold in action. It heals wounds, allays Kapha and stops bleeding. It is useful in inflammations and swellings. It tones up the mucus membrane and hence and most famous preparation Lodhra Asava ½ oz. with equal quantity of water after principal meals given to ladies allays Pitta. Subsides excessive bleeding, normalizes he menstrual flow and is a specific for leucorrhoea. Many expert clinicians mix it with Ashokarishta, with greater effect.

A combination of Lodhra Asava, Patranga Asava and Ashokarishta, mixed very well (do not shake) and given ½ oz with equal quantity of water after principal meals is a boon to weak, emaciated and debilitated women. It brings normal menstrual flow and stops excessive discharge. It relieves backache, anaemia, debility brought about by multiple child births; it tones up the uterus and the vaginal walls and stops the white discharge. Appetite increases, digestion improves, there is increase in the red blood cells and hemoglobin and, further, ladies put on weight by its use.

The powder of the bark of the tree applied in the form of Lepa or sprinkled in the vagina heals local ulcers. Regularly given in the preliminary months of conception, it lessens the possibility of abortion or miscarriage.

A well – known Ayurvedic formula "Supari Paka" 3-6 grams morning and evening with honey and milk along with Lodhra, after meals, is boon to a lady having secondary infertility and conception usually takes place.

The dose of the plain powder is 10-20 rattis (20-40 grains).

A combination of Lodhra, Alum, Punarnava and other items mixed together is used for gargling. It relieves the ulcers in the mouth and allays bleeding of the gums.

In loose motions, diarrhea, dysentery and stools with blood, the powder of Lodhra is given with curd and the effect is immediate.